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TikTok Video, Can you make money on tiktok?


TikTok is also known as DouYin in Chinese, which means a clip-share service in English. It is an online social media site owned by byteDance, a Beijing based Internet company founded by Zhang Yieming in January 2012. It allows users to share clip-length videos through social networks such as YouTube and Facebook. It is also used to make short lip- sync, dancing, funny and short animation videos, and 3- to 5-second looping videos. The service has been downloaded more than 10 million times, according to some estimates.

Unlike the more traditional “video sharing” sites, TikTok is different from the more basic ones because of its unique feature of offering a user’s video clips as well as the ability to share it with the public. This video sharing service enables a user to create a personal clip-share account, then upload their own video clips. Users can then view other users’ clips on the site or create their own clips and upload them on the site. When a video clip is being viewed, a user can easily upload the same on the site.

In addition to creating and uploading clips, a user can also view and comment on clips posted by other users. Users are allowed to create a username and password to use on the site. To access the TikTok website, one must sign up using a username and password. After signing up, a user will be able to view videos uploaded by other users as well as post their own clips.

A video can be classified into several types depending on the length. The videos that are five minutes and below can be considered “short.” The same goes for videos that are longer than five minutes. The duration of a clip depends on the original video length, and the video’s content.

There are a number of categories under the category of “clips.” Some examples include: music videos, fashion and beauty videos, sports videos, music videos, animals, celebrity clips, fashion, beauty clips, and so forth. Videos submitted under a certain category can be viewed by other users.

To create a video clip, a user must first upload a movie, picture or animation. or a clip that is already in GIF format. {GIF file format. and paste it on the TikTok site. After uploading, the clip should be tagged and assigned to its own category. Tags are made visible when a user clicks on the clip.

How to make money from Tik Tok

TikTok is one of the new internet marketing opportunities on the web. It is based on the popular internet marketing course “How To Make Money On The Internet – A Beginner’s Guide”. Anyone who has ever taken such an internet marketing course knows the basics; it is the same for any new business you start. Why are you doing it, who are you, what can you offer (target audience), and so on? The last thing you need to ask yourself is “What kind of videos will I put up?” and that is the tricky part. Everyone who took one of these internet marketing classes found that the video format is one of the hardest aspects of internet marketing.

You have probably seen all of the big players in the internet marketing industry and watched as they try to make money tiktok online with this format. What most of them are offering are just so called “good” quality videos. The funny part is all of them fail because they are not very good in the first place. It is like they were making a soap commercial and they just had one bad video. So how do you find the good ones? You need to do research. Find out what is out there and how to put it together.

Unlike Google Adsense, Facebook Ads and other applications that can make money directly for you , TikTok currently does not have a special advertising platform, so at this time you cannot make money directly from TikTok. The way to get money from TikTok for now is by Growing accounts and selling them, From Donation, or Influencer Marketing.


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